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Christian Discipleship
3050 Landmark Blvd #1002
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 785-7885


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What is E-Discipleship

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Basic Discipleship Course
(Also in Spanish)

Topic One The Bible: The Word of God
Topic Two Salvation
Topic Three Your Inheritance
Topic Four Baptism
Topic Five Prayer

Spiritual Maturity I
(Also in Spanish)

Topic One The Trinity
Topic Two Made In The Image Of God
Topic Three Monetary Giving
Topic Four How To Know God’s Will
Topic Five Living the Christian Life

Spiritual Maturity II

Topic One The Soul: Mind, Emotions & Will
Topic Two The Maturing Process
Topic Three Total Commitment
Topic Four Conformed to His image
Topic Five The Adversary

Spiritual Maturity III

Topic One The Ten Commandments
Topic Two The Lord’s Prayer
Topic Three Names of God
Topic Four Angels
Topic Five Eternity & Heaven