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Information about the Courses:

Information about the Courses:

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  • The courses are designed to help you establish personal study habits but take less than one-half hour for each lesson.

  • Below are testimonials from people who have already taken courses and we'll let them tell the story.

  • It was enriching, encouraging, and fulfilling. I enjoyed it, it was fun, it was challenging at times, and not stressful.


    Pearl B

  • I really enjoyed taking the e-discipleship class on-line. It was a totally positive experience which led me to grow even closer to God by studying his word. I was very convenient and allowed me to study at my own pace.

    I loved the quizzes that gave me immediate feedback as to how much I learned after each lesson. It kept me on my toes. Although I have been a christian for some time, it really made lots of things more clear to me.

    Most of all I value the examples mixed with scripture and the practical applications of them. I learned more about my christian walk and the way in which I can mature spiritually in order to fulfill God's purpose in my life.

    I have already recommended this course to my sister who is trying to re-establish a relationship with Christ. I told her that it was a helpful way to get an understanding of what it means to be saved and the basics of Christianity that she never learned by attending church when she was younger.

    Thank you for such a great course! -


  • This course was very enlightening and refreshing! I was able to take each segment and apply it to my daily walk.

    I know for sure that this course is perfect for new believers, as well excellent for Christians who might need that extra boost of power to tear down those strongholds!

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

    Javae W

  • I am so thankful for the opportunity of taking part in this course. I have always searched for a structured way of studying the bible and learning more about my faith and this course provided that.

    I would suggest this type course for anyone who is searching for a way to study Gods word that will help them retain what they have learned so they can put it to use in their everyday life - Live It!

    I know that I will now be seeking out similar ways of studying and learning about what God wants me to know and understand through His holy word.


  • Absolutely loved this entire series. Being a hungry new Christian I appreciated the enormous amount of practical information that is conveyed in an efficient manner.

    The material was well presented, easy to follow and interesting.

    Again Thanks for a great course!

    Vince R

  • I learn alot about the bible, it was easy to read and understand. I liked that i could go back until i got every question right.

    Joy R

  • I was able to use these courses as part of my daily devotions.

    Thanks for making them so easy to use.


  • This was a great experience for me, I knew some but had some questions that I was some what embarrased to ask anyone, taking this course has answered quite a few of those questions for me, I am really looking forward to starting the next section.

    This has been a great learning/refreshing tool for me. I would definately recommend it to everyone THANK YOU